Farm in a Barrel


Farm in a Barrel is a low-tech, high-impact farming system that contains all the necessary equipment to start a small farm in one area of focus. Each system comes with everything needed to begin production and is shipped in a 55 gallon recycled plastic barrel which is then integrated as part of the farming system during production.

The first barrel in production is the Broiler Barrel. This barrel system contains a 6’x6’ pen, feeder, watering system, and shelter. It is able to support the production 20-30 broiler chickens each growing cycle. The pen is portable, lightweight, compact, and easy to assemble. All of the materials used for packaging and shipping can be used in the farming process which means, there is no waste! This makes Farm in a Barrel a great solution for empowering individuals and communities to produce their own food.

The Benefits:

  • The entire system (whether it’s for chickens, pigs, or vegetables) fits in a barrel
  • The barrels are eco-friendly; everything that is shipped is used in the system
  • The training is easy to follow
  • The cost is effective
  • A percentage of every sale is used to impact farmers all over the world
  • Promotes the stewardship of land, food, and family

The Impact:

    • Communities or families that want a simple way to raise their own food
    • Government programs designed to increase capacity and sustainability
    • Non-government organizations who want to sustain their impact
    • Poultry Clubs
    • Schools
    • Hobby Farmers
    • Urban Chicken keepers
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