Farm in a Barrel – Ghana

In July of 2012, Grow International came together with Truth x Vision to bring Farm-in-a-Barrel to Ghana. We look forward to changing the developmental landscape in Ghana and across Africa as we work together.

 Truth x Vision has a mission to guide sustainable African development in a way that engages youth culture through socially conscious media and arts. You can read more about them by clicking here. 

The founder of Truth x Vision has become a friend as we have worked together on many events to raise the necessary funds for the project. It is so encouraging to see the banquets, 5k Runs, and all their efforts are driven by young people under the age of 25. They truly care to make a difference and have already raised the funds to ship 10 barrels to Ghana for our August 2013 program.

After 9 months of events and planning we shipped 10 Farm in a Barrels off to Ghana, Africa June 4, 2013

We are planning our trip to Accra Ghana on August 22, 2013. We will be training 10 farmers to use the Farm in a Barrel system raising local, pastured poultry to feed their community as they create a sustainable income. This is a big milestone for us and we appreciate Truth x Vision for partnering with us.

Stay tuned for more details and pictures!