Grow Farms

2013-10-09 05.06.50Grow Farms is the headquarters for Grow International and the location from where all projects, plans, inspiration and training starts. The vision is to create a place where people can come to see it all in action, catching the vision of wholeness in our land, food, and families. Here they can see, touch, smell and taste the relationship of how they all work together and understand the value of being intentional about stewarding everything we have.

Our goal is to provide families, a farm and food experience that demonstrates, and encourages stewardship and community while creating unforgettable memories.

At Grow Farms we also have the following available:

  • Pastured poultry
  • Free range pastured Eggs
  • Pastured Turkeys for Holidays
  • Pastured Beef
  • Workshops
  • Farm tours
  • Poultry processing training
  • Farm stays