Mobile Poultry Processing Trailer

MPU (Mobile Processing Unit)An MPU (mobile processing unit) is a complete trailer providing all the necessary equipment to facilitate on farm poultry processing. It is fits the needs for poultry farms operating under the poultry exemption (OR HB2872) passed in May 2011.

IMG_2080Our trailer is equip with:
  • Hand washing sink
  • Kill cones for humane killing
  • Featherman scalder
  • Featherman Pro automatic plucking machine,
  • 2 stainless steel cleaning tables
  • Chilling tanks, packaging table, vacuum, Bagging pot, and burner.
All hoses, and power cords are included. It just needs to be hooked up to a main water hose and power cord.

 There is a gap that small farmers need to overcome. They do not produce enough birds to purchase their own equipment and in small volumes the cost is high to transport the birds to larger processing houses. Grow International designed and built a portable processing trailer that can be rented for this purpose. On average a small farm will increase their margin by $1.50 for every chicken they raise. This will allow them to increase their profit and grow their production or buy their own equipment in a few years.  Another purpose this trailer serves is to provide a place for consumers to come and process their own chickens and learn about the food system. They build relationships with their farmers. There is an element of team work and accomplishment that is built in people who have spent time on our trailer. It has served over 100 people and processed around 1,500 birds this year. We have plans to fully market the use of the trailer next season and increase the training of small farms.