We are raising 40 pastured turkeys just in time for Thanksgiving. This comes with an invitation to enjoy the farm and see what Grow International is all about. Please send an email to jerry@grow-international.com to reserve your turkey.

Make your holiday local, fresh, and memorable!

2013-10-09 05.18.02These are Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys from our local Jenks Hatchery and have been free ranging our pastures since they could go outside. We are planning for them to finish between 15-20 lbs.

2013-10-09 05.09.37
  • $4.50 Per Pound
  • $35.00 Deposit
  • 15-20 pounds
Pick up at farm on 11-23 or Delivery for $5.00 on 11-24 for a 5.00 fee.
Join The Harvest1236792_238814052935620_1905679638_n
  • Have you wanted to know where your food comes from?
  • Come for an experience in caring for your food and preparing to feed your family.

11/23 7am-2pm @ Grow Farms. Email us today to get directions and details.

Please feel free to share this opportunity with friends and family. Click here to learn about other products we raise at Grow Farms.