Poultry Clubs

Communities work together to grow fresh & natural poultry at an affordable price. These clubs were inspired to give individuals and families access to healthy chicken that promotes the stewardship of land, food and family! Membership fees are used to acquire the start-up equipment. There is one club manager who will use his or her property to raise the birds. The manager performs the day to day work and organization of the club. At harvest time the club works together to process the birds. There are currently two locations with plans to expand to additional locations in 2013.

Benefits Include:
  • 13 families have access to affordable, healthy chicken.
  • Natural chicken raised locally
  • Relationships grow stronger in the community
  • Children and families know where their food comes from.
  • Land: .06 Acre or 26,208 Square feet of pasture
  • Time: Summer season 30min a day & 4-10hr days for harvest
  • Money: Your membership fee. ($150.00) Average
  • Members: 13 Members (Including the manager)