What We Do

Through collaborative relationships with businesses, governments, and organizations, our company
provides the necessary tools and programs to build the infrastructure that will educate and empower
others. With every person we reach, the impact becomes larger and those we impact are
inspired to lead others and grow the community around them.


  • Farm in a Barrel is a low-tech, high-impact farming system that contains all the necessary equipment to start a small farm in one area of focus.
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  • Sierra Leone pilot program starts in October 2012 and will focus on 30-40 farmers through the process of raising broiler chickens.
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  • Poultry clubs empower groups to produce fresh, local, and natural chicken. They build community by working together toward a common goal.
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      • If you share a passion for teaching others to care for land, food, and family, please contact Grow International today.
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By supporting a current project, submitting a project idea for your community or participating in a program, you can help provide solutions that will benefit people today and generations to come.