Yamhill Valley Farmers Network


In 2012, Nourish Yamhill Valley completed a food system assessment process that identified gaps and opportunities in the local food system. Among the findings of that process was a need for small-scale local farmers to network, collaborate, and share information. It was also noted by many farmers that there is a need for education among farmers on specific topics such as business planning, marketing, and specific skills on-farm (such as tractor maintenance, welding, bookkeeping, etc). As Yamhill County currently lacks a Small Farms Agent through OSU Extension, and other farmer associations in the area are focused more on commodity and large-scale production, the small-to-mid scale farmer is left without a support network. Our hope is to work with the local small farm community to bring education, information, and socialization to our farmers, and to help promote them in the wider community.



A network of vibrant, sustainable, and successful farm businesses growing great food, stewarding their land, and connecting to their community to share their knowledge, passion, and products.


To help Yamhill valley farmers thrive by providing access to information and education, and through fostering a strong and supportive local farmer community.

  • Build production capacity among local small-to-mid scale farms through targeted educational opportunities, including classes and hands-on workshops.

  • Build community and cooperation among local farmers through events that encourage socialization and informal networking.

  • Act as an information and opportunities hub for local farmers; funnel information to farmers in a way that is convenient, accessible, and useful.