Farm in a Barrel – Sierra Leone

Jerry Tindall and Grow International have been invited back to Sierra Leone by the Minister of Agriculture and The Sierra Leone Chamber of Agribusiness Development (SLeCAD).  We have been asked to bring ‘Farm In A Barrel’ as a project designed to: promote the development of sustainable chicken farming, add to the value chain, increase food security and boost farm income.

We cannot do it alone. We need your help to raise the necessary funds to accomplish a successful pilot program. Upon completion of a successful pilot program Sierra Leone will continue the growth within their own country by funding the next phase, thus making this a long lasting sustainable plan. Therefore, your donations will have a multiplying effect.

We have a goal of starting the pilot program with 40 farmers and plan to return to Sierra Leone in the  fall of 2012. We would be honored if you participated in helping us launch this endeavor.

Pilot Program:

The pilot program will focus on training and leading 20-40 farmers through one growing cycle of raising pastured poultry. The pilot program will gather information and statistics to make any necessary adjustments before moving into the next phase of  introducing 5000 farmers to a sustainable business model within 3 years.  The initial focus will be in 4 regions: Waterloo, Kambia/Makeni, Kenema/Makni, and Bo.


Farmers Selection Criteria:
  • Land Requirements: farmer needs a minimum of 8,500 square feet
  • Personal Information: the farmer will submit a letter including: past poultry experiences, their needs, their farms diversity and future goals/plans
  • SLeCAD Membership: pilot program participants must have a current membership with SLeCAD for information distribution and accountability
  • Letter or Recommendation: all applicants will need a letter or recommendation from a local leader


Farmers Trained In:
  • Character & Business
  • Stewardship
  • Poultry Care & Processing
  • Personal Farm Planning


Farmers Start Production:

Upon the farmers completion of the training, chickens and feed will be delivered to the farmer. The farmer will move the pen daily onto fresh pasture. Grow International will perform site visits throughout the pilot program and provide specific solutions needed to support farmers in having a full understanding of how to be successful. At the end of the 4 week grow period the farmers will go to market with their chickens. Farmers will then use the money from the sales of the first harvest to purchase the next round of inputs needed to keep their business growing.

Expected Outcomes:
  • 1,200 broiler chickens produced in Sierra Leone, sold in Sierra Leone
  • Increase in food production and security
  • New income stream for farmers
  • Create a market and jobs for mobile butchers in private industry
Expected Impact:
  • New farming opportunities
  • Increased knowledge for farmers
  • Farmers have awareness of their hearts passion and vision for success
  • New business opportunity around the farming value chain including: transportation, feed industry, marketing & sales and butchering
  • Farmers growth in confidence
Indicators for measuring results
  • Quantity of quality food produced
  • Percentage of increase in farmer income
  • Number of people trained
  • Number of jobs created
  • Value chain impact
  •  Market value recaptured from import market